Trick HostGator: Save You Money

Hostgator is an affordable web hosting service but once I teach you this little trick it will allow hostgatoryou to save even more money. Best of all, this trick only takes a few seconds and once completed HostGator will give you a cheaper price.

Web hosting costs can add up over time so every advantage you can gain to pay less money when signing up with a web hosting company is well worth it…

…Prior to signing up with Hostgator, the first thing you have to do is clear your brower’s history and cookies. It may work without doing this but I find it has worked for me everytime when I do this.

Next click the link down below at the end of this article to visit the Hostgator website. After picking your plan, domain, package, filling in all your information and check the I agree to terms box. Instead of checking out, you are going to move your cursor over to the top right corner of your broswer and hover the cursor over the X to exit but don’t click it.

This will trick HostGator into thinking that you changed your mind and you’re going to leave. You will get a pop up offering you a bigger discount than what you would have received if you clicked directly to checkout. Hostgator, thinking that you were leaving, does this to try to convince you to buy the same package for less money than before.

It’s a common marketing technique, they would rather charge you less than lose you as a customer and get nothing at all.

Enjoy your additional savings on me, every dollar saved is a dollar earned, good luck with your new hosting adventure.

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